Brother MFC-8670DN Printer Driver Download – During setup, set the router to an IP address outside the range of the DHCP host on the router. In simple English, DHCP servers are commonly built into wireless routers (for wi-fi access) and this usually causes printing problems later if the router keeps re-assigning the printers IP address. So, set the range on the router for 50 or 100 IP addresses (or less) and then set the IP address on the printer somewhere outside this range, i.e., if the range for the router is between and, set the printer to a number before or after this range, i.e., or using the printer keypad in “LAN settings” and force the printer to use a “STATIC” IP address (the one that you enter in above). You’ll never have a network printing problem after that.

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Brother MFC-8670DN Printer Driver Download

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